What You Can Do

We encourage you to join us in working to reduce the contamination of our local waterways by taking steps to reduce your personal impact and by participating in community planning to address stormwater contamination problems.

  • Reduce your stormwater runoff by building a raingarden or installing a cistern. Seattle Public Utilities is offering qualifying Ballard residents a rebate of up to $3.50 per square foot of stormwater diverted from the sanitary sewer into an approved raingarden or cistern.  Check out the details at the Seattle Rainwise website.
  • Reduce your car’s pollution  footprint.  Cars are a leading contributor of toxins in Puget Sound.  If your car is leaking fix the leak. If the engine is running roughly, fix it.  When your car needs to be washed, take it to a car wash that treats the wash water; don’t wash it on your driveway where the soapy water will rain into a storm drain. As much as possible, walk, bike or take public transit.
  • Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste.  Improperly disposed of dog poop and other pet waste is a significant source of water contamination.  If you have a dog or cat,, pick up and properly dispose of their poop.  Short video.
  • Conserve water, especially when it is raining.The less water you send down the drain the less will end up in our local waterways.
  • Join the community conversation about how to deal with our combined sewer overflows. If you want to be added to our mailing list, please contact LizTennant@aol.com