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Ballard is one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods.  It is located in Northwest Seattle, bounded on the west side by Puget Sound, on the south side by Salmon Bay and the Ship Canal and to the east at approximately 3rd Avenue NW.  The Ballard neighborhood runs from approximately NW 100th Street, south to Salmon Bay. Map

Ballard is uniquely situated, with stunning views of Shilshole Bay and Puget Sound to the west.

Puget Sound and Shilshole Marine viewed from Sunset Hill Park

View of Puget Sound from Sunset Hill Park, Ballard

To the south Ballard is bounded by Shilshole Bay, the Ballard Locks, Salmon Bay, and the Ship Canal, which lead into Lake Union and ultimately into Lake Washington.  Salmon migrate through the Locks, via a fish ladder, into Lake Union, Lake Washington, and up into the mountain streams where they hatched.  Here is a view of boats going through the Ballard Locks.

To learn more about the Ballard Locks visit:http://www.seattle.gov/tour/locks.htm

The Ballard area was originally settled by Native American families known as the Shilshole-ahmish, or people of Shilshole,  The village of Shilshole was along the northern shoreline of Salmon Bay in the neighborhood of present day Ballard. Over time white settlers moved into the area.  In the late 1800’s the virgin forest that covered Salmon Bay was methodically logged.  This changed the land from a place where nature took its course to an urban “processed” environment.

In 1907 the City of Ballard was annexed to the City of Seattle.The story of Ballard’s first hundred years is described in Passport to Ballard, The Centennial Story, available at the Ballard Public Library. Also see http://www.ballardhistory.org/ballardhistory.html and http://www.ballardchamber.com/historyofballard

The Ballard neighborhood district has approximately 43,935 residents and 1,105 businesses. It has two residential urban villages which are growing faster in population and diversity than other parts of Ballard.  Ballard Population Details. Ballard Business Data

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