About Us

Join us in cleaning up our local waters

We are a group of residents living in the Ballard area in Northwest Seattle. Our area gets a lot of rain in the winter months, which drains into Puget Sound and our local waterways (Shilshole Bay, Salmon Bay and the Ship Canal).  We are working to learn more about sewage and stormwater drainage problems in our area, and to work with Seattle Public Utilities, King County, Ballard District Council and our neighbors to reduce contamination of Salmon Bay and Puget Sound.

There is no doubt that Ballard has too many combined sewer overflow events and that the problem will have to be addressed.  We want to make sure that Seattle Public Utilities and King County Wastewater Treatment Division work with the Ballard community to develop solutions that are:

  1. Technically and scientifically sound.
  2. Environmentally effective
  3. Cost effective and
  4. A good fit for our community.

To join our mailing list contact Liz Tennant, Ballard Stormwater Consortium Chair, at LizTennant@aol.com