CSO Updates as of May 12, 2013

1.      Ballard’s Surface Water, Groundwater and Drainage

 As SPU is exploring options for “natural drainage 2015,” we want a better understanding of the location of groundwater, surface water and springs in the Ballard area.  We asked Seattle Public Utilities to map the results from the community survey to see what residents reported about these matters in their neighborhoods.   You can download the maps here:

Block level responses regarding the presence of groundwater

Block level responses regarding presence of surface water.

Block level awareness of Natural Springs

2.      Spring Soil Test Results to be Released Mid-May

 The results of the latest round of soil testing will be released around May 17th.  I will post the documents on this website.  They will be reviewed by a third-party reviewer.  We will have a chance to review the results and also to pose questions to a third-party reviewer.  SPU plans to discuss these results at a community meeting that will be held during the second week of June.  Additional details will follow.

3.      Update on the bigger picture for addressing Ballard’s Combined Sewer Overflow problems

The Ballard’s combined sewer overflow problem is so large that some type of underground storage facility will have to be built to contain the CSO volume so that it does not overflow during storm events. The stored volume would then be fed into the sewer system for regular treatment at the West Point Sewage Treatment Plant.

SPU currently is evaluating for four options for reducing sewage overflows. Under two of these options Ballard would have its own storage facility, the size of which could be affected by the ability to locate roadside raingardens on a large-scale. The other two options involve two versions of tunnel options, which would be shared with King County.  These options are described in SPU’s Community Guide to Protecting Seattle’s Waterways.

You will have an opportunity to tell SPU what you think they should consider in assessing these alternativesSPU will be taking public comments between May 20th and June 20th, 2013. Their Draft Plan and Draft EIS will be issued in early 2014.    More information about the Long Term Control Plan