SPU Is Testing the Soil in the Advance Outwash Area

As you probably already know, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is in the process of testing soil in the areas that have been identified as most suitable for potentially locating infiltrating roadside raingardens. We have been trying for some time to get the schedule and location of these tests.

Here is the Original Map of the sites that SPU planned to test, along with their original schedule.  It turns out that information gathered from some of the early vactor locate tests indicated that three of the originally selected sites did not have favorable soils for infiltration, SPU had to identify alternate sites and then work with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to  revise their  street use permit. As of this morning, SPU was still waiting for approval for the new locations.The attached Revised Map was draft when I received it this morning.

This afternoon I received the following information, which I believe refers to tests that were done today (Thursday 4/4), tests that will done tomorrow (Friday 5/5) and vactor tests that will be done next week.  Here is the schedule:

Thursday tests

  • 2354  NW 73rd St         NW 73rd St between Jones and 24th Ave NW
  • 7359  23rd Ave NW       NW 75th St between Jones and 23rd Ave NW

 Friday tests:

  • 2101      NW 77th St         NW 75th St between 21st and 22nd Ave NW
  • 7057      22nd Ave NW       NW 73rd St between 22nd and 23rd Ave NW

Next Monday and Tuesday.  The additional two days of vactor work next week are April 8 and 9  and will occur as shown in the  revised map, with the note that if Monday (4/8) goes well, SPU would start working on some of the  locations  that were originally planned for Tuesday 4/9./

We look forward to reviewing the results of these tests.