Update on Community Survey and Next Steps with Soil Testing

On March 5th staff from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) briefed members of the Ballard Stormwater Consortium about the results of the community survey, which blocks they have determined may be suitable for roadside raingardens, and where they plan to do additional soil testing .  They also discussed the consultants that they have hired to provide an independent technical review of SPU’s work and the timing and steps for evaluating and reporting back on the effectiveness of the Phase I roadside raingardens.  The meeting handouts are attached: Meeting Agenda.  Community Survey Results  Map of blocks that have been selected for additional testing. Status of Phase I Raingarden Testing

SPU is working on mapping the community survey results at the block level and will make those maps public. They will be posted here when they are ready.

SPU is moving ahead with their plans to do test soils on designated blocks.  They will be doing pit tests (digging about 4 feet down) and also shallower tests between March 25th and the end of April.   Several Ballard Stormwater Consortium members plan to monitor those tests.  SPU Letter to Residents.